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We are offering individual and group classes for people who want to lead a healthy lifestyle, we also have video courses!

Well, the whole history of this healthy coaching movement has started for us when James McAlloy and his lovely wife Janice joined their forces as a Pilates trainer and Dietician respectively to start tutoring people from virtually all walks of life for the noble cause of helping them live a healthier lifestyle!

Health & Wellness Programs

Individual Coaching

If you prefer style of coaching, whether it concerns your fitness training or your dietary plan, then welcome to the best health coaching center! Making sure

Group Coaching

If you’re a person that enjoys the group kind of classes, then you’ll like just how efficient our health coaching center is. Making sure that your

Vegan Retreats

Here we will help you make healthy dietary choices, and we’ll teach you how to both maintain those in a long term, for your overall health’s

Healthy Diet

When you feel like your health is endangered by your eating habits, and you’ve just really truly had enough of all the health problems that it

We’ll Revitalize You!

Range of Services

Basically, as the healthy lifestyle is concerned, there are a few most important factors that it is made up of. Starting with healthy eating & fitness/yoga training programs…

Making You Healthier

Basically, this what the health coaching is all about, namely making sure that your dietary plan, your workout plan and your state are all alright, and that the lifestyle that you’re leading is healthy!

Healthy Eating

We’re talking about the diet (healthy eating), miscellaneous forms of exercising (healthy fitness) and also multiple forms of body & mind balancing techniques (like yoga or fitness).

Fair Pricing

Just before you sign up for one of our healthy living classes and become coached by our excellent team, you might want to get to know either of us just a little bit better.

Thanks to our health coaching you’ll be, feel and look healthier!

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Happy Trainees

As a movie actress, I am concerned both with the way I look and with the state of my health and body. Eventually, one affects the other, so I signed up for health coaching!

Marcel Vossen

As I’ve entered my sixties, I felt that my overall health was deteriorating gradually. Eventually, I enrolled in these health coaching classes and now I feel just tremendous!

Jourdan Saint-Yves

Your Health is Your Wealth!

Over the course of the last 20 years our team of professional health coaches, fitness & yoga trainers and dietitians have helped thousands of people feel and be healthier.